Borrowed from the Latin "dilectio, -onis" ("love").

The innovative concept of the "Dilection" ring: two original rings, in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold, with or without paved diamonds, which are worn in pairs./div>

They are linked and unlinked, mixed and intertwined, and always in harmony to create a unique ring that can be transformed according to your desires.

Choose your "I love you" ring and a satellite ring "in the sun". This one slips into the first one, they can be worn together or separately.

For the choice of finishes :

  • simple (polished gold): Ref. I love you / Ref. Under the sun
  • cube : Ref. A lot
  • godron : Ref. With passion
  • shiny paving : Ref. Madly

You do not know the size of your finger,