NALÓ's more services


      • Flash shine service : on quotation

Has your jewelry lost its shine and its surface is scratched? The shine service allows your jewelry to regain all its shine and to eliminate superficial scratches. It includes diagnosis, polishing, cleaning and technical and aesthetic verification of your creation. If necessary, a rhodium plating will be done for a long-lasting shine.

      • Service de gravure : sur devis

The engraving service allows you to personalize your NALÓ creation by having it engraved (within the limits of technical constraints and available space) with a name, a phrase or a date (in several languages) or a personalized symbol or motif.


Whatever the brand of your jewelry, this service allows you to enlarge or reduce the size of your bracelet, your necklace or your ring, but also to replace the clasp of your earrings, subject to technical feasibility, without altering the aesthetics or the original shape.

Carried out in our workshop, this customized service includes several steps :
  • un diagnostic : we take the time to review your design to identify the tasks that need to be done.
  • une mise à la taille : we suggest the most suitable method to adjust the size of your creation according to its shape.
  • a polish : This step requires a particular expertise in order to avoid deformation of your jewel. We set up a series of steps to obtain a final result that meets NALÓ's criteria: a "mirror" polished creation.
  • a cleaner : if possible, your jewelry creation is cleaned by ultrasound.
  • a rhodium plating, if necessary: white gold and platinum can be rhodium plated to accentuate their whiteness and brilliance. Before polishing, the remaining rhodium layer is removed. After polishing, the creation is dipped in a rhodium bath

The jeweler performs a final check to ensure that your creation meets NALÓ's high quality standards.

Adjust service : on quotation