Care instructions

Whatever its composition, a jewel is precious, fragile and must be treated with the greatest care. A few precautions and simple gestures will allow you to preserve the beauty and brilliance of your jewelry pieces.


For the storage of your jewelry :

  • Store them in their NALÓ cases, offered at the time of purchase, to preserve them from any shocks or scratches
  • It is strongly discouraged to store several pieces of jewelry in the same case as they can get scratched by friction
  • Leave the clasp open and away from the stones to avoid damaging them
  • Frequently clean your jewelry by gently wiping it with a soft cloth before storing it in its case.
    "On you":
    • Avoid shocks that could alter the stones
    • Avoid wearing them for sporting activities
    • Be sure not to wear your jewelry while swimming in the sea or pool; the highly chlorinated water will damage the precious and semi-precious stones
    • Remove your jewelry at home for household chores; repeated contact with detergents can damage the stones

    Rings require special attention, we advise you to

    • Remove them when washing your hands
    • Or perform manual activities to avoid rubbing
    We also recommend :
    • Don't store your jewelry in the bathroom because moisture can cause premature oxidation
    • If it is tarnished or scratched, your jewelry can be repolished, which will restore its shine
    • White gold jewelry can then be rhodium plated, that is to say, covered with a layer of rhodium, a resistant metal of the platinum family, which will give them their shine, preserve their color, protect it from shocks and scratches

    (See the services "Extra services of NALÓ")